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25 March 2014 @ 05:20 am
11 March 2014 @ 12:16 pm
You say it, gurl!

Originally posted by eilowyn at Dear Sarah Michelle Gellar
First of all, I absolutely adore you. You are the consummate actress. Because you know what? I had no effing clue that at the end of the day, Buffy preferred Angel (except for loose interpretations of the cookie dough speech, but that's another post). Buffy's last words on the subject (and the show) were "I love you" and "Spike." I took her at her word, because your goddamn face during the flamey hands in the Hellmouth scene made me believe her (and cry my eyes out). Like Buffy said in "Intervention," that was real.

So of course I was taken aback that in your recent AMA on Reddit you adamantly stated that you preferred Angel. My guess is you probably have no problem with Edward Cullen, either, but again that's another post. I know you and David are close. I've even heard rumors about some behind the scenes canoodling. So you obviously have an more intimate relationship with him than with James. That's fine. But I want to make a delineation for you: you are not Buffy. You are the actress that portrayed Buffy (and did a damn good job of it). Your opinions are not Buffy's opinions. If we want to revive the dead author and get Buffy's opinion, we'd probably go to Joss because of authorial intent, yada, yada, yada.

Now, Joss loves adversarial relationships. What Shakespeare play did he recently make into a movie rather than go on vacation? Yeah. It wasn't Romeo and Juliet. It was Much Ado About Nothing. Which featured Beatrice and Benedick. Who Joss associates with Spike and Buffy. So if we want to intimate authorial intent based on the producer's other preferences, one can surmise that he likes Buffy and Spike more.

So, in conclusion, thank you for portraying Buffy so well that your answer at the AMA's makes me (and Jezebel) scratch my head. I love you, but your opinions don't change the text. They're interesting to hear, but they don't really matter.

Anyway, your succinct answers make me think you don't really want to argue, but this makes a damn good counter argument based on sound logical thinking.

You like Angel more. That's cool. But the text shows that in spite of herself, Buffy liked Spike more in the end.

In this sketch, the author discusses how the fandom compares pre-soul Spike to post-soul Angel, why it bugs him, and why we should stop doing it.

And he's spot-on.

I'd love to hear what you think.

Buffy - Rant about Spike vs Angel by airagorncharda on deviantART

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04 March 2014 @ 11:28 am
As you'll recall, the last time Buffy saw Angel was during the whole Twilight debacle, which obviously, didn't end well. When faced with the options to be with him, or return to Earth and save her friends, Buffy chose the later. Giles ended up dead at Angel's hands.

Despite all this, we've been informed by legitimate sources that Angel is Buffy's "forever" love.

My question is simple: do you believe that, after all that has happened, that Buffy still loves Angel? Why or why not?

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04 March 2014 @ 10:02 am
Juliet Landau, known for playing Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is on the cover of Energy Times this month.

I know the magazine is hard to find in some places - I can scan the article if anyone’s interested in reading it.